ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
ST5 Pinion
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10-year warranty on frame
Available for pre-order, with deliveries commencing in February! The ST5 with ABS as standard is now equipped in a new version with the Pinion Smart.Shift electronic shifting system, the Stromer sound module and a long mudguard for comfortable, dry feet.

Solid Gold
Luxurious Solid Gold. High quality special finish, matt.

Dark Platinum
Elegant metallic grey with high-quality gloss effect.

Aventurine Green

Frame size M
Recommended for a height up to 178 cm.

Frame size L
Recommended for a height of 175 to 188 cm.

Frame size XL
Recommended for a height over 185 cm.

* Find an Overview of our frame geometry here.

Frame size
Additional options

Stromer ebikes are optimized for hard surfaces thanks to their large-volume tires.

For more comfort, we offer specially developed upside-down suspension fork.

+ $1,099
Suspension fork

Suspension seatpost from Kinekt for even more comfort and a ride that is gentle on your back. The innovative spring technology responds to even the slightest shocks.

+ $249
Seat suspension
Battery & Range
Maximum power, range and road skills.

110 miles
Battery BQ983 with capacity of 983 Wh.

We charge additional $15 recycling fee for every purchased battery. This enables us to ensure batteries are dismantled and recycled responsibly at the end of their life cycle.

Range mi.
The perfect size and shape for maximum comfort and grip.
Charger 246W
Stromer CR246 - Fast charging. Our chargers can be used to charge the batteries directly in the e-bike or outside the e-bike.
Side mirror
The side mirror will help you keep an eye on the cars you're leaving behind.
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