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About Stromer

At Stromer, we design e-bikes that capture hearts, enhance quality of life, and deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

Our bike models

The ST7, our groundbreaking flagship model, seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology and high-end components to set a new standard for Speed Pedelecs. Benefit from extremely low maintenance, courtesy of the innovative Pinion gearbox and Gates carbon belt drive system, for an unparalleled riding experience.

The ST5 is a top-tier e-bike that combines exceptional power, range, and an award-winning design to deliver unrivaled performance and superb riding dynamics. With its exclusive features, the ST5 ensures a superior biking experience like no other.

Experience extraordinary dynamism with the ST3, our high-performance e-bike, designed for daily use and tailored to your needs. Boasting a customizable riding position and intelligent features, this stylish e-bike offers efficient mobility for navigating through commuter traffic with ease and elegance.

The perfect blend of versatility and power in a fully connected e-bike. Equipped with a state-of-the-art belt drive system, the ST2 ensures low-maintenance and durability for a superior commuting experience. Embrace an exceptional ride with this customizable electric bike, designed to elevate your daily journeys.

The Stromer ST1 is an exceptional all-rounder e-bike, designed for everyday use. Perfect for beginners, it boasts an elegant design, reliable and powerful drive system, ensuring modern mobility and peak performance for a seamless riding experience.

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