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We are #HereToChange

Mondays, traffic, morning routines, getting to work, overcrowded buses and looking for a parking space – those hassles of everyday life are now a thing of the past.

Because together we are redefining these ugly concepts to mean something positive. And getting some good out of them. For us and our planet.

Why Stromer?

We developed the first Speed Pedelec with integrated battery. The first Speed Pedelec with full connectivity. The first Speed Pedelec with fully integrated design. But above all a Speed Pedelec that conquers hearts and brings with it quality of life and incomparable riding fun.


Extremely powerful rear-wheel motor delivers direct power to the rear wheel for best-in-class acceleration and consistency.


Our batteries are designed for long distances. With their maximum ranges, they are in a class of their own.


We work with the best artners and use premium-quality components. Result: Multi-award-winning design.


Remote maintenance, motor tuning, or anti-theft protection are a few of many smart functions of a Stromer bike.

About us

Stromer stands for a new era in urban mobility. We respond to the challenges of urban traffic with new technologies and Swiss engineering: We develop powerful e-bikes with integrated design, full connectivity and outstanding ride qualities. Made for commuting and for the road, but above all for the people who will ride them.

We shape the future of mobility

Mobility means freedom. We make our bikes fit for our growing cities. For flexible, networked and efficient travel. With bikes that are ahead of their time by a wheel length.

We develop the best electric bikes

This claim can be found in every Stromer bike, from the frame to the software. For this reason, we have specialized in Electric Bikes from the very beginning.

We embody enthusiasm and partnership

We aren’t satisfied with less than 120 percent, and we give it with passion. For our products, for our customers, for our environment. We consider ourselves partners – within our team as well as for the riders of our bikes. Our most important motivation: our love for our products.

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