Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you ship to?

We deliver bikes to a selected number of pick-up points across California, Oregon, Florida, and New York. More states are coming soon.

Accessories are shipped across continental USA and Canada.

What are the delivery options?

Our e-bikes are like no other and we take great care in having them handled for you.

Depending on where you live, you can choose your nearest local pick-up location. We ship our bikes to your nearest Stromer retailer and they'll have your bike all set and ready for cruising. The retailer will contact you once the bike is ready in order to schedule the pick-up.

Accessories will be delivered by UPS.

How long will my order take?

Our bikes are usually ready for pickup within 5 to 10 business days after your order is complete.

Our pick-up partner will contact you in order to schedule the pick-up date.

Warranty & Returns.

What is your warranty coverage?

To sum it up, we offer a 2 year warranty on every model and a 10 year warranty on our frames.
We also have a warranty for your battery : 75 % of capacity within 2 year.
For more information regarding our warranty, please follow this link.

What are the return conditions?

With the exception of batteries, you can return items in the 14 days following your order.
Bikes must be brought back to your original pickup location.
We will provide a return label for your accessories.
Please contact us to request a return by sending us an email.
Please detail the issue and send us your VIN number.
You can find our Refund policy here.

Can I ship my Stromer back to you?

You cannot send your Stromer back to us.
Please contact us by email. if you want to return your Stromer and we will arrange a return to your local store.

Your Stromer.

How can I charge the battery of my Stromer e-bike?

The battery of your Stromer may only be charged using the corresponding charger. The battery can be charged directly in the Stromer or away from the bike.

Charging the battery externally (outside the bike):
First connect the charger to the mains plug (LEDs light red and green), then to the battery. Hold the charger cable loosely in your hands and slowly lead it near the socket of the battery. The magnets will help you to align the plug correctly. The LEDs on the charger light up orange and green during the charging process.When the battery is fully charged, the LEDs on the charger light up green. First disconnect the battery/power supply from the Stromer charger and then disconnect the charger from the mains plug.

Charging the battery internally (in the bike):
The connector for the charging cable is located on the left side of the down tube, just below the connection to the head tube. Open the cover of the charging socket.Connect the charger to the mains. The integrated LEDs light up red and green. Hold the charger cable loosely in your hands and slowly lead it near the socket of your power supply. The magnets help you to align the plug correctly. Connect the Stromer charger to the Stromer. The LEDs light up orange and green.

E-bike registration: Is there compulsory registration for Stromer ebikes?

Stromer Speed Pedelecs offer motor assistance up to 28 mph and are therefore legally light motorcycles of class L1e with regard to Directive 2002/2004/EC (USA: Class 3).
Before riding your Stromer for the first time, it is essential that you obtain information from your registration authority about the applicable national regulations for this vehicle category.

Can I order spare parts for my Stromer e-bike directly from Stromer?

Unfortunately, we do not have the possibility to send you spare parts for your Stromer e-bike directly.
Please contact a Stromer dealer, as they can order the parts you need. 
Accessories such as batteries, chargers, tires and bags can be found on our accessories page.

The OMNI app.

How can I add a newly purchased Stromer e-bike in the Stromer OMNI app?

Display the QR code on your Stromer display under “Menu”/”BIKE”/”OMNI”.
Add a new Stromer bike in the app or scan the QR code under the menu item “Add another Stromer”.
If scanning does not work, the code can also be entered manually.

What is the VIN of my Stromer electric bike and where can I find it?

The VIN (“Vehicle Identification Number”) is the number with which your Stromer is registered in the COC, the vehicle documents and in our system. You can find the VIN on a label in the battery compartment or under the right chainstay of your Stromer ST1 X, ST1, ST2, ST2 S, ST3 or ST5. We recommend that you always quote the VIN if you have questions about your bike.


What benefits does the Stromer OMNI app offer?

Get the most out of your Stromer ST1 X, ST2 or ST2 S with the Stromer OMNI app and Stromer OMNI BT App adjust it to your needs:
Install the Stromer OMNI app or Stromer OMNI BT Appon your smartphone. Fine-tune it to your personal preferences using assistance mode 2.
The Stromer OMNI app and Stromer OMNI BT App also show you the periodically identified position and the battery charge level – even if you are not near the your bike.The basic functions of your Stromer can also be used without a smartphone.
You do not always need to have your smartphone with you to use the bike.
The Stromer OMNI app and Stromer OMNI BT App are available for iOS (version 7.0 or higher) in the Apple App Store and Android (version 4.1 or higher) smartphones in the Google Play Store.
OMNI functions are only available if your Stromer is switched on, locked or in sleep mode. If the Stromer is switched off, no live information can be called up and no commands can be sent to the Stromer.

How do I activate the theft mode in the Stromer OMNI app and Stromer OMNI BT app?

The theft mode of your Stromer ST1 X, ST1, ST2, ST2 S, ST3 or ST5 can be activated and deactivated via the Stromer OMNI app and Stromer OMNI BT app.

Activating theft mode:
You will find the theft mode on the start page of the Stromer OMNI app and Stromer OMNI BT app if you scroll all the way down and can activate it there.

Switching off theft mode
As soon as your Stromer is in theft mode, that status is displayed prominently on the start page of the Stromer OMNI app and Stromer OMNI BT app. You can exit the theft mode directly from the start page.

Please activate the theft mode only if you discover that the bike has been stolen and has not automatically entered the theft mode. To secure the bike in everyday use, activate the lock manually or activate “AUTOLOCK” via the Stromer OMNI app and Stromer OMNI BT app.

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