Like no other.

We believe that your commute can be quality time. We have lived for this since 2009 – with one goal: introducing a new, different riding experience onto the road. We developed the first high-performance ebikes with integrated battery. The first high-performance electric bikes with full connectivity. The first ebike with fully integrated design. But above all an ebike that conquers hearts and brings with it quality of life and incomparable riding fun.

Swiss Technology.

Stromer bike st5

Most powerful rear-wheel motor with Sport mode.

Maximum range up to 110 miles.

Stromer bike st5

Fully integrated anti-lock braking system.

Stromer bike

Connectivity via
mobile technology

Torque from the rear.

Stromer high-performance electric bikes are not supported by a mid-mounted motor like most e-bikes but instead have been based on rear-wheel motors since 2009.
For good reason.

Meet our rear-wheel motors.

More thrust. More dynamics. Greater range. Less wear. Almost silent. More elegance. More fun!


• Output: 850 watts
• Torque: 48 Nm
• 3 assistance levels
• L1e-B | up to 28 mph


• Output: 820 watts
• Torque: 44 Nm
• 3 assistance levels
• L1e-B | up to 28 mph


• Output: 750 watts
• Torque: 40 Nm
• 3 assistance levels
• L1e-B | up to 28 mph


• Output: 670 watts
• Torque: 35 Nm
• 3 assistance levels
• L1e-B | up to 28 mph

Seamless power.

The battery is integrated in the downtube to be barely visible. Charging at the socket is possible with battery removal or directly at the bike.

More range than you'll need.

Our bikes are made to get there – quickly, reliably, without interruption. The efficient rear-wheel motor and the high-quality batteries allow peak ranges of up to 110 miles. Your Stromer achieves an extra range of up to 20 percent through regenerative braking and is ready for the next stage after a brief charging time at the socket.


500 Wh
Range up to 55 miles
Charging time max. 3:40 h


618 Wh
Range up to 75 miles
Charging time max. 4 h


814 Wh
Range up to 90 miles
Charging time max. 4:45 h


983 Wh
Range up to 110 miles
Charging time max. 5:30 h

New – fully integrated anti-lock braking system.

Stromer's premium models are available with a fully integrated anti-lock brakingsystem.The electronically controlled braking system from Blubrake ensures that even when the brakes are fully applied, the front wheel of the Stromer does not lock up andthe rear wheel does not lift off the ground.The powerful brake activation of the 4-piston brake from TRP is precisely tuned to the motor output. This means that even difficult road or traffic situations can be handled safely. Controlled braking maneuvers are possible even on slippery surfaces, and the Stromer is effectively protected against rollover.

The ABS is fitted as standard in the Stromer ST5 ABS and is optionally available in the Stromer ST3 with a Pinion gearbox. As the first e-bike up to 28 mph with a fully integrated anti-lock braking system, Stromer thus brings a true global innovation to the market.
Multiple awards winner.

Swiss technology is a pioneer – not only in Switzerland. Our Stromer High-Performance E-bikes have won international awards for technology and design.

More safety for perfect control.

Stromer high-performance E-bikes are made for the road and for urban traffic – terrain on which balance, braking power, grip and visibility are vital. For this reason we have equipped your Stromer with the best components.

Motor assistance up to 28 mph.

With fully integrated ABS (front).

Localization of the bike via GPS.

Battery ejection at the push of a button.

Automatic locking and unlocking via Bluetooth.

Individual adjustment of the motor settings.

Calling up the mileage and personal performance.

Full connectivity thanks to the free Stromer OMNI app.

10-year warranty on frame.

Daytime running light.

All Stromer models are available with a daytime running light for the best vision and visibility.

Powerful brake activation.

The 2 and 4-piston disk brakes were developed by TRP and Stromer in collaboration and are perfectly tuned to the motor output of your Stromer.


The smooth-running Cycl-e ST tires were developed by Pirelli specifically for Stromer and are optimized for the city with puncture protection and perfect wet grip. Special winter tires provide extra grip in the cold season.

Super-bright headlights and rear lights.

With up to 900 or 1,600 lumen, the Roxim and Supernova headlights with high and low beam turn night into day. Rear lights with brake light ensure that you are easily visible from behind.


The frame geometry allows maximum agility in urban traffic. Integration of the battery into the downtube and of the motor into the rear axle lends the bike a low center of gravity and optimizes weight distribution and roadholding.