Bike delivery & service
by Velofix

Have your bike built and delivered to your doorstep

Stromer is proud to partner with Velofix, a bike build and delivery program offering a convenient, premium service experience for Stromer customers buying a bike online.

You can now experience all the benefits of buying your bike online while enjoying the convenience and one-on-one interaction of having the bike shop and certified mechanic come to you. Simply order your bike online, select the Velofix delivery option upon checkout and Velofix will show up at your home or office to build and deliver your bike.

How it Works

  1. Select Velofix as the delivery option at checkout.

  2. Velofix will contact you to schedule a delivery time, date and place shortly after receiving your order.

  3. The technician will arrive with your fully assembled bike and talk you through set-up and basic adjustments.


Returning a bike is a simple. If you choose Velofix as a delivery option, Velofix will fully take care of your return. All you need to do is schedule a pick-up date and place with Velofix.


If your bike needs warranty work for any reason, Velofix is there to assist. By choosing Velofix as a delivery service your bike is taken care of!


Every bike needs service once in a while. To make sure that your bike continues running smoothly, book an on-site service by visiting this LINK.

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