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Experience the fusion of cutting-edge design and meticulous European handcraftsmanship with Desiknio electric bikes. Built with the highest caliber of parts and accessories, our bikes not only promise an elevated assisted ride but also deliver it in impeccable style. Embrace a journey that's as comfortable as it is sophisticated. Dive into a world where tradition meets tomorrow. Choose Desiknio. Choose excellence.

Expression of style and attitude
Desiknio X20
More than just a means of transportation. With its elegant design and high-quality features, it impresses all along the line.
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Handcrafted in Europe

Desiknio bikes can be identified through their minimalist design, the use of high quality and durable materials, and meticulous attention to detail. Designed and manufactured in Europe, our Premium-Class electric bikes are a combination of the highest technology and the finest hand crafted work.

Mahle E-bike System

Within every Desiknio E-bike is an electric bike system by Mahle. A smart bike system that offers the perfect balance of power, assistance, and control. The e-bikes power assistance level is controled with a simple press of a button.

MySmartbike® App

With the MySmartBike® App by Mahle, a rider can adapt the e-bike to their preferences and monitor speed, battery capacity, range, power, GPS Navigation, and much more!

Hidden Within the Frame

Our integrated downtube battery and charging connector are completely concealed within the main tube and bridge of the frame offering a sleek design solution. This is combined with a powerful drive system using a rear hub electric bike motor that can provide up to 50 miles of range, which can be increased with the range extender.