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Stromer bikes: The modern way to commute.

On a Stromer bike, your turn your daily commute into quality time: You are no longer inconvenienced by traffic jams, overfull public transportation and the search for a parking spot. Bring more movement and energy into your daily life while simultaneously benefiting from assistance of up 28 mph by our remarkable high-performance ebikes.

Test a Stromer on your commuter route and see for yourself!



Rear motor with belt drive and internal hub, this concept belongs to the future!

Rainer Hugenes

A true car replacement that beats a Tesla model 3.

The Verge

Wow! An incredible experience! Excellent Swiss technology that gives you the fun of riding like Richard Carapaz on Le Tour de France. Mega super!

David Perez

One of the fastest accelerating, quietest, most stable, and safest feeling Class 3 electric bikes I've ever tested.

Electric Bike Review

Very efficient and easy to use. Recommended!

Georg Heinrich

Part bicycle, part rocket booster.

The Guardian

What makes a perfect Stromer.

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Stromer high-performance e-bike are not supported by a mid-mounted motor like most e-bikes, but instead have been based on rear-wheel motors since 2009. For good reason.

Stromer bike st3


Our bikes are made to get there – quickly, reliably, without interruption. The efficient rear-wheel motor and the high-quality batteries allow peak ranges of up to 110 miles.

Stromer bike st3


We work with high-quality components and the best partners to achieve this. The result: integrated design – inner values that are simultaneously the outer values.

Stromer bike st3


Motor tuning, remote maintenance or anti-theft protection – use many smart functions of Stromer OMNI connect directly via the Stromer bike display or via the OMNI smartphone apps.

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Powerful brake activation. The 2 and 4-piston disk brakes were developed by TRP and Stromer in collaboration and are perfectly tuned to the motor output of your Stromer.

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Swiss technology is a pioneer – not only in Switzerland. Our Stromer high performance e-bikes have won international awards for technology and design.

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